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Best Value Spearfishing & Freediving gear In New Zealand, Wild Blue is supplying you only the highest quality spearfishing equipment for the best prices for over 16 years.

Wetsuits, Freediving & Spearfishing Masks, Spearfishing Fins & Blades, Snorkels, Spearfishing Packages, Spearfishing gloves and socks, Rob Allen Spearguns and Roller heads, Spearfishing Accessories, Float Lines, Floats, Flashers, Freediving Computers and Spearfishing Watches… There is no doubt you will find all the spearfishing gear you need at Wild Blue.

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Rob Allen Sparid Package
NZ $399.00
incl GST
Salvimar Intruder Package
NZ $325.00
incl GST
Wild Blue Freediving Package
NZ $199.00
incl GST
Speargun Refurb Package
NZ $99.00
incl GST
Rob Allen Scorpia Package
NZ $350.00
incl GST
Coastal Intro Package
NZ $699.00
incl GST
Coastal Complete Package
NZ $998.99
incl GST
Signature Intro Package
NZ $1,099.00
incl GST
Signature Complete Package
NZ $1,499.00
incl GST
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