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Comfort and Diving should be synonyms. Improve your dive sensation by choosing the right wetsuit ensuring you to have the right amount of heat protection, flexibility and durability. 

High quality neoprene are used on all our scuba wetsuits, this is the simple reason why we are proud suppliers of thousands of recreational scuba divers over New Zealand.

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Legacy W20
NZ $399.00
incl GST
Quest W10
NZ $479.00
incl GST
Icon W2
NZ $445.00
incl GST
Icon W1
NZ $325.00
incl GST
Pro Hanger
NZ $24.90
incl GST
Icon V1
NZ $59.90
incl GST
Access H30
NZ $39.91
incl GST
500PSI Wetsuit / BCD Wash
NZ $29.90
incl GST
Atlantis Eco Gearwash
NZ $34.89
incl GST
500PSI wet/dry Suit Slide Spray
NZ $29.90
incl GST
Seac Wetsuit Glue
NZ $19.58
incl GST
Epsealon Pro Black Wetsuit Glue
NZ $19.89
incl GST
Epsealon Polyglut 100ml
NZ $49.90
incl GST
NZ $39.91
incl GST
Icon W1 - previous style
NZ $299.00 NZ $148.99 Save NZ $150.01 incl GST
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