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Regulators, Computers & Gauges

To breathe comfortably underwater makes your dive adventures even more enjoyable. Regulators and first stages are the core pieces of your diving kit so you want to choose right as this can change your scuba experience. Dive safely with piece of mind with our reliable gauges and dive computer range.

With Wild Blue you will find a selection of quality regulators, gauges and dive computers which will fit your budget and needs.  

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Quest R10 Regulator
NZ $499.00
incl GST
Atlantis Tech R60
NZ $499.00
incl GST
Sherwood SR2 Regulator
NZ $1,099.00
incl GST
Sherwood Brut Regulator
NZ $599.00 NZ $549.01 Save NZ $49.99 incl GST
Icon O1 Octopus
NZ $129.00
incl GST
Garmin Descent MK1
NZ $1,598.99
incl GST
Sherwood Wisdom 3 Air computer
NZ $899.00
incl GST
Sherwood Profile 2 Computer
NZ $599.00
incl GST
Sherwood Combo Gauge
NZ $299.00
incl GST
Icon SG1 Triple - Gauges & Compass
Icon SG1 Standard
NZ $264.99
incl GST
Atlantis Icon SPG1
NZ $139.00
incl GST
Quest C10 Wrist Compass
NZ $69.00
incl GST
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