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Sherwood Amphos Computer & air transmitter

Sherwood Amphos Computer & air transmitter
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Scuba and Free dive Computer
NZ $1,249.99
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The latest watch to hit the market.  Sherwood has long been the market leader in scuba diving gear and they've applied their vast experience to making this fully featured scuba watch with a specialist freedive mode with all the features a competitive freediver would expect. This little computer is jam packed with a lot of big features.  In fact we shouldn't really call it a small computer as it's oversized face makes it extremely easy to read.

It has four modes, WATCH, DIVE (AIR or NITROX), GAUGE and FREEDIVE.  The DIVE mode is for scuba diving and can be set for either air or nitrox as the breathing gas and GAUGE is a pure gauge mode ie it only shows current depth and time without tracking anything or creating a history.

The WATCH mode works as a normal wrist watch with date and time, stop watch and alarm functions etc

Of most interest of course is the FREEDIVE mode.  The numerous functions are accessible through several different screens.  The main screens and functions are listed below.


As soon as the watch has been submerged to 1.5m for 5 seconds the watch will enter this screen which displays:
  • Elapsed Dive Time
  • Current Depth
  • Temperature

While submerged two more displays are available relating to count down timers that have been previously set


Once you hit the surface your watch will automatically flick over onto the FREEDIVE SURFACE MAIN screen that displays

  • Surface interval after last dive
  • Total number of dives completed that session

You may also scroll through two other surface screens


  • Max depth of last dive
  • Elapsed dive time of last dive
  • Surface interval completed before last dive


  • Time of day
  • Temperature

In addition to these basic modes there are various countdown and alarm options etc.

The Amphos comes in an attractive box with a CD ROM manual, warranty info and strap extension.  The CR2430 battery is readily available anywhere and is easily changed by the user.

Sherwood Scuba adds the additional feature of Hoseless Air Integration with the introduction of the Amphos Air. The chrome accents give this stylish computer the flair needed to be used as a daily watch but still provides all the computing power you need when diving.

  • Four Operating Modes
  • Air Integration
  • Two Gas (21 – 50% and 21 – 100%)
  • Independent PO2 alarm settings for each gas
  • DSAT Decompression Model (Modified Haldanean)
  • Loading bar graphs (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Ascent)



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