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500PSI Mask Defog

500PSI Mask Defog
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Defog all Masks and keep your visibility clearer than ever
NZ $19.00
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So Why Do Masks Fog?
Dirt and little specks of crud, sunscreen, nearly microscopic bits of sediment and sea life from the water, almost any contamination on the inside of the mask lens will invite fog. When the air inside your mask reaches nearly 100 percent humidity, the water vapor readily condenses around those tiny bits as droplets. Tiny nicks and imperfections in the surface of the glass itself also attract fog. So 500psi defogger works by cleaning the crud and filling the imperfections to leave a smoother surface, then moisture is more likely to sheet and less likely to fog.
500psi Mask Defog is a high quality defogger that has been performance proven by both commercial and recreational divers from all over the world since 1990 and has a very loyal following. When applied as directed, it can last up to 3 dives and even beyond if moisture is allowed to stay inside of the lens between dives. It is very concentrated so very little is needed when first applied. Just enough to coat the lens with a thin film. Allow it to sit for a minute and then rinse to the point where the lens is clear and you’re ready to go.
SCUBA diving requires a substantial investment both in time and money so it is important that when you are out performing what is enjoyable, that you are able to experience it to the full extent by having a clear lens to see though.
Wet or Dry application, no sting formula. Bring an amazing visibility and comfort to all your dives. 

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