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Weedline Species

Weedlines are the crossover point between the two main fish habitats, the reef and open water.  Almost any fish can at times be found here, from snapper and butterfish to kingies and sharks.  The following species are those found almost exclusively on weedlines.
Zeus faber

Among the best eating fish out there, john dory are highly prized by the spearo despite being an easy target. A very distinctive fish, it is dark-olive to brown and highly compressed making it nearly invisible from the surface.


Boarfish Thumb 300GIANT BOARFISH
Paristiopteris labiosis

One of the most prized spearing fish, the giant boarfish is virtually unknown to line fisherman.


Tarakihi Thumb 300TARAKIHI
Nemadactylus macropterus

Tarakihi are another very popular table fish. They resemble snapper and porae in shape but may be easily identified by the black saddle behind their heads.


Porae Thumb 300PORAE
Nemadactylus douglasii

A fish of reasonable eating quality, porae or "big lips" are a deep, compressed fish easily recognized by their big lips and long pectoral fans that reach as far back as the anus.