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Sailie 700

Istiophorus platypterus

RECORD:  63.5kg, A Heydorn, South Africa, 1992

TOP DESTINATIONS: Fiji, Africa, Samoa


The sailfish is one of the most recognizable fish in the sea.  Obviously a billfish it is distinguished from the others by its magnificent dorsal sail.


As the fastest fish in the water the sailfish makes for a formidable target.  A blue water pelagic species they aren't often seen by your average spearo.  They do patrol the reef edges however and this is where most encounters occur.  To maximize your chances of seeing one you'll need to be diving your drop-offs and reef edges a good 20-50m off with flashers and berley.
They aren't particularly flighty and will generally let you approach them pretty directly.  Make sure your shot is a good one and hang on!

Chris and Ti Sail 700