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Mahi Mahi

Mahi 700

Coryphaena hippurus

RECORD:  17.64kg, N. Davey, North Cape 2013

TOP DESTINATIONS:  Anywhere warm.  Choose a destination with FADs


The mahi mahi (dorado, dolphin fish) is one of the most distinctive fish in the sea. A long slim fish its amazingly coloured in electric blue and gold with a long solid pectoral fin.  The larger bulls get quite blunt headed whereas the smaller fish have pointy heads. 


A true pelagic predator mahis are found out wide where they chase small bait fish such as sauries and slimy mackeral.  They are found in waters over 20 degrees celcius.  They love flotsam and will follow a floating log for weeks.


The best way to find mahis is to look for floating logs etc.  They are not difficult to shoot but a careful approach is best to prevent spooking them or even better, do your best floating log impersonation and let them come to you.  Don't be tempted to shoot from the surface as any chop or water movement is likely to efect your aim.  Anywhere in the head is good holding shot.  If you are new to shooting in blue-water make sure you get close enough to the fish as distance can be deceptive at times.  Look at the eyes and scales of fish - if you can make out detail clearly you're probably close enough.