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Green Jobfish

Jobbie 700

Aprion virescens

RECORD: 13.6kg, D Wong, Hawaii, 2006

TOP DESTINATIONS: Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Australia, South Africa... anywhere warm

Adam job 300DESCRIPTION:

The green jobfish would have to be right near the very top of any spearos tropical must-shoot list.  This is not only because of their fine eating qualities but because of their extremely flighty nature and the difficulty involved in securing one.  They are a long, squat fish with an extremely large, forked tail.  They are a dark greyish green on top to off-white along their belly.


Jobbies are a carnivorous fish that lives mostly on other, smaller fishes as well as shrimp, crabs and other small animals.  They inhabit the outer reef to depths well below those that can be reached by breathold spearfishermen.  They are most comfortable in deeper water and are very difficult to approach in the shallows.


Jobfish are another predator that likes to hunt the edge of the reef.  They are inquisitive and will reward a well concealed diver with a good breathold by coming in to check them out.  When hunting the edges it is best to try and spot good terrain to lie and wait on rather than to look for actual fish.  Look for small, sandy gutters that you can lie hard against the reef on.  Once you're in position throw handfuls of sand up and scratch around to try and attract fish.  Make sure you don't lie directly on the coral, I can't tell you how many times I've done a quick dive down to the top of a bombie to check it out only to have a jobfish roll past and catch me in the open with no sand to throw or structure to hide behind.

The trick to good edge hunting is bottom time.  It is very unlikely that you'll be able to get anywhere near a fish you spot from the surface so it's important to spend as much time as you can in position on the bottom so when a good fish does roll by you're ready.

Jobfish respond to flashers and berley really well and if you can get them feeding in your trail they let their guard down.  They're an aggressive feeder so hunt the berley rather than the fish and you'll find them racing you to the biggest chunks.

The jobfish is often referred to as a 'widow maker' because of the way they'll hold a diver down too long always tantalizingly close but always just out of reach.  Dive with a buddy you trust and don't over extend yourself.

Like most coral species the jobfish fights incredibly hard and will make a blistering first run.  Make sure your first shot is going to be a good one as "Hail Marys" very rarely stick on them.

Matt Jobfish 700