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Tropical Species

The clear, blue waters of the tropics are home to the world's most diverse eco-systems.  Free of cold and poor visibility a diver may truly extend and test themselves against the most challenging species on the planet.
Doggie Thumb 300DOG TOOTH TUNA
Gymnosarda unicolor

The doggie is pound for pound champion of the fishy world.  Pretty well regarded as the spearos ultimate target the dog tooth tuna tests divers and their gear to the absolute limits.

Trout thumb 300CORAL TROUT
Plectropomus spp.

The coral trouts are one of the most sought after fish on the reef.  Where ciguatera isn't a problem they make for fantastic eating and are a challenge to hunt.

Wahoo thumb 300WAHOO
Acanthocybium solandri

The wahoo is one of the very fastest fish in the sea and Wahoooo!!! is exactly what you say when you put a spear in one!

Timon mu 300BIG EYE BREAM
Monotaxis grandoculis

One of the most difficult fish on the reef to spear the big eye bream or mu will test your breathold and patience to the limit.

Sailie Thumb 300SAILFISH
Istiophorus platypterus

The world's fastest fish, the sailfish has been recorded to make incredible bursts of up to 110 kilometres per hour. 

Jobbie Thumb 300GREEN JOBFISH
Aprion virescens

Another prized reef species that will test your breathold to its absolute limits.

Scomberomorus commerson

A top quality pelagic target spaniards are known for their blistering runs.  Their big teeth and prehistoric looks make for a formidable trophy.

Mahi Thumb 300MAHI MAHI
Coryphaena hippurus

The mahi mahi is one of the most recognizable fish in the sea.  A true pelagic wanderer they're a feature of most FADs and floating logs around the world.