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Blue Moki


Latridopsis ciliaris

RECORD:  10.65kg, S. Perkins, 2010.


Blue moki are a good eating fish prized by southern divers.  They have a deep, compressed body, large scales and big, fleshy lips.  They are dark blue/grey on top with several dark bands and fade to white on their belly.  Blue moki grow to 80cm and are most commonly taken from 40-60cm.


Size:                                    40cm

Bag limit:                            15


Blue moki are most common in the south of New Zealand but some may be found as far north as Auckland.  There is only one spawning ground off the east cape of the North Island.  It is thought that all fish are "supposed" to head south after spawning but some get lost and head north.  This explains why around the Coromandel and other northern areas you see lots of large fish but no small ones.

Blue moki eat just about anything from crabs to smallfish to seaweed and live over rocky reefs at all depths attainable by a freediver.


Blue moki are a relatively easy fish to target as they can be found in shallow water and aren't easy to spook.  The best areas to find moki are in channels and guts that catch current. Here the moki are often found in schools just gently finning against the current.  They are a great fish for new divers to start on.

DT and Cassidy Moki(copy)-263