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Blue Cod

blue Cod 700

Parapercis colias

RECORD:                    3.89kg,  G. Hamilton, Stewart Is., 1971


Not a true cod like our red or rock versions, New Zealands blue cod belongs to a tropical family and is more like a flathead or catfish in appearance.  They have a large head that tapers out to their long, thick tail.  They have a blue/grey colopur scheme.  While they may grow out to 70cm they are usually landed in the 35-45cm range.


Size limit:                           33cm

Bag limit:                           10

Each fishery area has different regulations for blue cod.  The limits listed are the most conservative.  You can check the limits for your area here


Far more common in the south, the blue cod is found over broken ground from the shallows out to 150m.  A very non-specialized feeder they will eat virtually any animal food source.


Blue cod are probably the easiest speared fish in New Zealand waters.  Given their extremely generalized diet thay are an aggressive and opportunistic hunter not at all phased by a diver's presence - in fact it is common for them to try to eat the flopper on your spear given half a chance.  A little bit of berley virtually guarantees a good feed of cod if there are any around.