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Reef Species

The reefs provide the greatest variety of fish to the diver.  From the best eating, like john dory, to those providing the greatest challenge, like snapper, the reef will always provide a feed.
Reef Thumb 300SNAPPER
Pagrus auratus

Perhaps New Zealands most prized fish species, snapper are a member of the sea bream family. Snapper are a golden-pink to reddish colour and average from 30-60cm and 0.5-4kg but fish in excess of 10kg are reguarly taken. 

Blue Moki Thumb 300BLUE MOKI
Latridopsis ciliaris

Blue moki are a good eating fish prized by southern divers. They have a deep, compressed body, large scales and big, fleshy lips. They are dark blue/grey on top with several dark bands and fade to white on their belly. Blue moki grow to 80cm and are most commonly taken from 40-60cm. 

Butterfish 700(copy)BUTTERFISH
Odax pullus

Perhaps the most speared fish in New Zealand, Butterfish or Greenbone (they have green bones) are a good eating fish and are fun to hunt. Butterfish start off a golden brown with a white stripe running along their lateral line and become darker as they grow larger until they are a dark bluey green.

Blue Mao Mao Thumb 300BLUE MAO MAO
Scorpis violacea

Blue mao mao are a beautiful little fish that are great to eat. A sweep from 20-40cm long blue mao mao are most easily recognized by their electric blue colouring. 

Pink Mao Mao Thumb 300PINK MAO MAO
Capridon longimanus

Pink mao mao are a beautiful eating fish rarely caught by line-fisherman. Like their blue cousins, pinkies are a type of sea perch with a flat body and forked tail.  They are most easily recognized by their beautiful, almost glowing pink colouration.

Blue Cod Thumb 300BLUE COD
Parapercis colias

Not a true cod like our red or rock versions, New Zealands blue cod belongs to a tropical family and is more like a flathead or catfish in appearance. 


Golden Snapper Thumb 300GOLDEN SNAPPER
Centroberyx affinis

Golden Snapper are one of the fish most highly prized by spearos. This is because of their superb eating qualities and the fact that it is a difficult fish to spear. Golden snapper is somewhat of a misnomer as they are not a snapper at all.
Trumpeter Thumb 300TRUMPETER
Latris lineata

An extremely good eating yet rarely speared fish the trumpeter is a close relative of the blue moki and a very similar shape. It's most striking feature however is of course it's brilliant colour scheme. It is silver on its lower half but on top it has long black and gold stripes.

Hapuku Thumb 300

Polyprion oxygeneios

Hapuku would be very high on any divers' "must shoot" list. These highly prized fish are very rarely shot because of the depth they usually live at. Their most distinguishing feature is their long, under-slung, lower jaw.