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Pelagic Species

These hard-fighting gamefish test divers and their gear to their limits.

Kingy Thumb 300KINGFISH
Seriola lalandi

Kingfish, or Yellowtail in other parts of the world, are New Zealands premiere gamefish and most world record fish were landed here. Kingfish are a classic, elongated pelagic shape with a large caudal fin.


Kahawai Thumb 300KAHAWAI
Arripis trutta

The Kahawai is a streamlined, in-shore, pelagic fish and when properly bled can make for great eating. It is particuarly good smoked. They are a firm, silvery fish ranging from grey-blue to blue-green on top and silver below.

Trevally Thumb 300TREVALLY
Caranx lutescens

Largely underated trevally are a good table fish and can be challenging to hunt, especially the larger fish. Smaller fish (like those in the picture) are all silver and as they grow larger they become more green on the top half.

Koheru Thumb 300KOHERU
Decapterus koheru

Koheru are usually thought of as bait but they are however fantastic eating, especially raw. Koheru look like a miniature kingfish with their blue-green backs, silver bellies, and yellow lateral-lines and tails.