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Freshwater Species

All spearfishing doesn't happen in the sea.  Our lakes and fresh waterways are host to a number of species for the spearo to target.
Amelius nebulosus

Catfish are an introduced pest here in New Zealand. Originally from North America, the brown, bullheaded catfish, is confined to Lake Taupo where it was introduced as a game fish.


Grass Carp Thumb 300GRASS CARP
Ctenopharyngodon idella

Another type of carp introduced to control weeds in our waterways is the grass carp.  Because of their very specific spawning needs grass carp generally can't breed in the wild and so are still released regularly here.

Koi Carp Thumb 300KOI CARP
Cyprinus carpio

Koi Carp are an ornamental strain of the common carp found throughout Europe and Asia. They were first released "accidentally" here in the 60's and since then they have gained a strong foothold in New Zealand fresh-waterways.  They're classified as a noxious pest so kill 'em all.