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Spearo Anatomy

For new, and even experienced divers, the plethora of dive gear and information out there can make smart equipment choices difficult.  In this section, we will endeavour to simplify this by explaining what you need and the differences between the many products available.
epsealon mask website low res-01MASK

The mask is probably the most important piece of equipment.  It enables us to see underwater and as we are visual predators, without it we are lost.  The diving mask differs from swimming goggles in that it covers your nose enabling you to equalize the airspace within the mask. MORE
Snorkel Thumb 300SNORKEL

Perhaps the simplest bit of kit around, the snorkel allows us to breathe with our faces in the water. MORE
Vega fins WB article-03-01FINS

No other piece of equipment has a greater affect on your diving performance than your fins.  Not only do they have to be very powerful to get you back up again when your suit has lost its buoyancy but they also need to be light and efficient so you don't have to burn too much oxygen driving them.  As always fit is supremely important so try on different brands of footpockets as they will all have slightly different shapes. MORE
Scorpion WB article-V2-01-01WETSUIT

Your comfort in the water - and therefore, how long you can spend in the water, how deep you can dive and for how long, and ultimately what fish you get - is largely dictated by the suitability and quality of your wetsuit. MORE
Speargun Thumb 300SPEARGUN

There are probably more theories and ideas about speargun design than any other piece of kit ranging from the brilliant to the absolutely ridiculous.  Here we will try to cut through some of the bull and get to the main points. MORE
Rigging Thumb 300RIGGING

The most common rig is to have your spear attached to the muzzle of your gun then a thin rope running from the handle of your gun to a float on the surface. MORE
Floats Thumb 300FLOATS

A spearo's float has three main functions:

1.  To transport fish and spare kit
2.  To make a spearo more visible
3.  To stop large fish

Knife Thumb 300KNIFE

Your knife is one of the most versatile tools you have; from levering off slugs to surgically removing kina spikes from your thumb it does it all.

It is also the piece of kit most commonly lost. MORE

Weight Systems ThumbWEIGHT SYSTEMS

You need to offset the buoyancy of your neoprene wetsuit with lead weights.  There are various ways of wearing this lead with the most common and simplest being a freediving, rubber weight belt. MORE
Acessories Thumb 300ACCESSORIES

From watches to gear bags to dive lights, there are a bunch of different accessories designed to make your life easier.
Remember that less is more in spearfishing and that you still have to be able to dive efficiently so don't load yourself up with too many bells and whistles. MORE