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How To Tie Rubbers

Tying your own rubbers from bulk rubber is a great way to save money.  It also gives you the ability to really fine tune your guns performance and lets you make repairs and modifications in the field with a minimum of tools.  It is also very easy!


Bulk speargun rubber


2mm constrictor cord



Cut rubber to the required length.
TIE RUBBER 2(copy)Step 2.

Use your t-tool to insert the wishbone into the rubber.  Lubricate the bead with soapy water to help it go in easily.
TIE RUBBER 3(copy)Step 3.

With your constrictor cord, tie a clove hitch around the end of the rubber and pull down tight. 
Twisting the rubber as you tighten the knot helps to keep it neat.
TIE RUBBER 4(copy)Step 4.

Carefully melt the ends of the constrictor cord to prevent them from fraying and to keep them neat.
TIE RUBBER 5(copy)Step 5.

Repeat steps 2-4 with the other side.  If necessary loop the rubber through your gun muzzle before closing the end.
TIE RUBBER 6(copy)Step 6.

Fit your rubber to your gun.