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The Scuba Toolbox - Save Your Dive!

Written by Dan Bunting on July 27th, 2020.      0 comments

Scuba toolbox and spares


Have you ever been out for a dive only to find you’ve been scuppered by a missing o-ring, a snapped fin strap or a chewed up mouth piece? Many divers have, but with a little preparation and some spares on hand you can take all this in your stride and make sure you don't miss out on any dives!

The Box

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 To start with you’ll need a tool box. Having everything organised in one place makes life a lot easier. A clip-top tupperware box with a seal around the top is a great choice without breaking the bank for something that’ll be coming out on the boat with you. While salt water may well make it’s way inside one way or the other there’s no reason to make it easy!





  • Allen keys / hex keys – a penknife type set is ideal and helps stop individual keys going for a wander when you need them most.
  • Crescent wrench x2 – small (6”) are perfect for this job. Make sure to check them regularly and not let them rust up - a crescent that doesn't adjust isn't a lot of good!
  • Brass O-ring picks – Always use brass picks on scuba gear as valves, regulators and other components are also made from brass and harder materials such as steel are likely to cause damage.
  • Multi-tool / pliers, side cutters & knife – Stainless preferred for obvious reasons. Always handy to have on hand for zip-ties, holding things still and a whole bunch of other reasons.
  • Lighter
  • Silicone grease



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  • Zip ties – good quality zip ties rather than cheap, thin ones that snap far too easily.
  • Fin strap – a snapped fin strap is one of the most annoying reasons to have to can a dive, having a spare on hand changes a trip-wrecker into a mild inconvenience. Make sure it’s compatible with your fin buckles
  • Mask strap – See fin strap. Make sure it’s compatible with your mask.
  • Fin buckle – Like straps, buckles sometimes snap or the female part goes missing when divers forget to re-buckle their fins after the dive.
  • Regulator mouthpiece – in case you develop a hole or chew through a lug.
  • Batteries – for your dive torch, dive computer (if it has a user changeable battery), marker light or anything else electronic you might need.
  • O-rings – Replacement O-rings for valves, hoses, second stages… Always good to have them on hand. Make sure you’ve got the right sizes and having them divided up by size always helps (I like little zip-lock bags for this). Keep them contained – you don’t want to be tearing your whole kit apart trying to find some little black rings!
  • Paracord/dyneema line – Surprisingly handy for a huge variety of things.
With these bits and pieces on hand you can easily fix the most common issues that come up on a dive trip and make sure you get to spend as much time as possible in the water! Some jobs require more skill and knowledge that others, but you’ll pick that up in time. Make sure to stay within your limits and ask for help from others when you need it.

 This goes without saying but just in case – having spares and tools on hand is not a replacement for having your gear serviced regularly and checking it before you head out.