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Retro lovers? Discover a piece of Diving history!

Written by Remi Mathieu on July 3rd, 2017.      0 comments

Lets look back on the history of the Diving mask!

In the 1920s, spearfishermen where using only watertight rubber swimming goggles but had a significant handicap regarding the pressure that is created around the eye and the impossibility to equalize them.

The diving mask was not invented as we know it today. It is strange sometimes to think that for a very long time, humans didn’t invent a system to include the nose in the skirt. That is something so usual for us these days and so simple in design that I have found it personally hard to believe. But we have to remember the first rubber vulcanization processed patent was only placed in 1844.

Anyway, The first idea belonged to Maxime Forgeot who was designing a hard-shell model including the nose and two ‘Douche’ to inject air in the skirt. But fortunately that system didn’t work that well. Would you imagine all the divers with douche handles on their head swimming around …

amad-1-674DSC 6977-810

The first model known as a contemporan Diving Mask was invented by a Frenchman Frédéric Dumas before WWII. Made of a rubber piece from a truck tyre in which he cut the entire skirt, an adjusted window glass and a steel strapping. Of course everything was hand made.


The Mask Squale, which was based on a copy of the first design, was patented in 1944 by Paul Dubois for commercial use.

download-782dive mask

Year after year, many designs derived from this simple idea and are still manufactured and on the market today. Our M32 Mask is a direct descendent of them.

M32 atlantis-01-01-292

Is it not amazing how far the diving mask has come in such a short period of history?!

A long way from today’s modern version of a dive mask.

IMG 3622-70

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