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New Epsealon BLue CamWOW!

Written by Michelle Witte - Remi Mathieu on February 9th, 2019.      0 comments

Michelle and Remi went to the Catfishcull and freediving depth training in Taupo to try out their new 3mm wetsuit, the Epsealon Fusion Blue Camo!

Generally designed for blue water environments where you’re trying to blend into the water itself.  Great for targeting pelagic fish and as an advantage the suit can sometimes conceal you just enough to make the fish have to swim within range.
However, a saying we like to use is “don't look desperate”. Our fish have great curiosity and there way of controlling us is to watch us. Controlling your body movements, send out the right vibes of been calm and not showing any predatory fast movements. The timing of when you move your gun to line up a shot and keeping your fins still is going to be far more important than any suit colour. 

Michelle was using the Rob Allen 3mm Blue camo previously and she said: 

"The best features I find in Epsealon wetsuits and in particular the new Fusion 3mm neoprene wetsuit is there flexibility, comfort, and warmth.

I can breathe and move easier as it is super elastic and non restricting and with less effort gives better apnea. The face, wrists, and ankles have a special neoprene called SCS seals which offer the best comfort and avoid water leaking into the suit.

There are not many options out there for female 3mm wetsuits and it is hard to gauge what wetsuit to go for given that most 3mm wetsuits are all male sizes. My previous wetsuits was great but it was too baggy and loose around the neck and shoulder area due to my shoulders not been as broad as a male. This made the wetsuit uncomfortable with air and water going in and out of the area. So ladies for a great fit I recommend this wetsuit to try."

Michelle Witte - Taupo catfish cull-482Epsealon Fusion Blue camo Loading Pad-958

First use of a 3mm wetsuit in New Zealand conditions for Remi:

"Great overall wetsuit, the wrist, ankle, cuff and hood offer me a perfect seal. When it's on, it's on, it keeps the water in and you stay warm. I even had to flush some hot water out when a lot of action was happening.

I have been surprised by the versatility of what this suit can offer... comfortable with great flexibility, I have personally enjoyed the motion I can get without to "fight" the rubber. Which can be a critical point when you go to a greater depth. The Yamamoto 39 grade neoprene is definitely a high-end neoprene.
I was personally really looking forward to trying this suit at more depth to see how I will fill when I hit the thermocline. My face was cold but that was about it!

Great for depth training, great for summer spearfishing, this is not a wetsuit I am going to put back on the shelf!"

Remi Mathieu - freediving depth training taupo 1-276Remi Mathieu - freediving depth training taupo 2-288