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New composite fins, new superpower?

Written by Ben Laurie on January 30th, 2020.      0 comments

The fin set up we are talking about today: Red Penetrators Blade composite for freediving and spearfishing on SEAC foot pocket.

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"Recently I’ve been given the opportunity to test dive the new edition Ghost red Penetrators, I refer to new, but penetrator blades have been in the composite industry within 18 years.

The fins have been tested for the past few months throughout the month of December, Early summer diving. Myself I’m 85kg, Just shy of 6’’ Paired up using a Medium strength Blade on SEAC foot pockets.

First factors to consider is the fit and placement on your foot in relation the angle of the blade and the foot pocket. Even though I’m using a new blade iv stayed with the same SEAC foot pocket (My feet are your standard Kiwi fat wide foot), If you haven’t tested the pocket that would be my first recommendation. The blade has a 25 Degree angle coming back to the pocket supported with a strong rail preventing any side wobble affect.

Using these spearo fins I wanted to test them in two functions Manoeuvrability and power.

Stating off with Manoeuvrability, diving for crayfish in shallow depths. The turn around is incredible, you don’t realise how much you’re missing, with one flick of the blade from the ankle having the no memory flicking back the second part of the stroke is acting back on itself (being done for you).

Using the blade for deeper weed lines diving, I found the power almost right away from the duck dive. Using these fins is ideal for a diver wanted the top of the line dives having the fundamentals of a good dive, the penetrator’s will push on you too dive deeper. The penetrator blade holds a extremely thick side rail which helps hold the blade in place even if your stroke is off set you’re not going to feel the negative effect shifting you off balance, You will still gain full power.

In my previous days of freediving competitions based at the Auckland free diving club I now only have one small regret of wondering how far I could have pushed myself back then with the penetrator blades on my feet. At the time I was using the standard SEAC Motus plastic blades so I had no doubt they felt the part in comfort, just would not of had the equivalent power as these current Penetrator blades."

Special thank you to Ben for putting these blade to the test, we hope that your experience will help more people to take steps towards using Composite blades for their freediving and spearfishing !!!!