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New Blog post from Remi Mathieu- Pole Spear Add-on

Written by Remi Mathieu on November 25th, 2020.      0 comments

Pole spearing is one community that has been growing in the last few years. Some National events such as the Catfishcull or the World freswater Spearfishing Championships competition in Taupo are becoming a point of gathering for pole spearing enthusiast every year.

Either you would like to improve your current pole spear system or you are planing buying a new one with the full options, here are some quick tips and add-on to consider for your pole spear.
  • Linking it to a floatline: dragg, secure to find back , allows to play wit bigger fish species
    Like a speargun you can connect your pole spear to your float. It is aeasy a very cheap addition as you would only need a shark clip with swivel and some dyneema to loop it around the rubbber.
    Bare in mind that connecting your pole spear will create more dragg and that you might have to adapt the way you are handling your pole spear and your shooting. Ask us or your local dive shop for any precision on this particular topic.
  • Bag and carrying: Snooker bag
    Carrying your pole spear is important either because you have a valuable piece of kit and/or for safety reasons having it in a bag while it is possible is a good idea. Some pole spear work in screwing section which make them very small to carry, a snooker pole bag, and old rifle carry bag would be an ideal solution for them and would be free or pretty cheap to find.
    If your pole spear stand straight and cannot be broken down, adding some small old rubber section on the top of the prong will prevent any dramatic scenarios around the car or in the boat. Your prong will also stay sharp and would not damage the rest of your equipment during transportation.
  • Grip: sel almagating tape / shrink grip
    Grip is a very important component, especially if you are serious about it and that you are planing to use your pole spear for an extended period of time on a session.
    Having a secure grip is of course a big safety insurance but also, once you add some grip you do not have to sqeeze your hand around the small pole section as hard as without it to ensure that the pole do not slide in your gloves. TI will result by not being tired in your forearm prematuraly.
  • Rubbers:
    While all pole spear are usually equipped from the sehlf with an ok rubber for a direct hit; a polespear still has quite a bit of mass.
    The pole in the water offering more surface to the element, it will unfortunatly slow downfairly fast.
    This is not a problem at very short range but can be tricky and frustrating to deal with loger shot or when you are going for bigger size prey.
    Upgrading your rubber with a thicker one or the same section but with a higher technicity rubber will make a huge difference for you longer shot and will prevent having the prong to only poke the fish but not going through.
  • Different head prong: