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Full face snorkelling mask, the new good idea?

Written by Remi Mathieu on March 29th, 2021.      0 comments

Invented and first presented in 2014, the snorkeling full face mask since then as been gained in popularity but is this piece of equipment a real revolution?

So what make the difference compare to all other masks and snorkels on the market? Probably because how easy it is for someone that never snorkel to comprehend how it function, provide enormous field of vision, give the ability to breathe through the nose and the mouth and that's a huge advantage for someone not so confident in the water, it will feel very natural.
The separation of the nose/mouth pocket and eyes frame allows that mask to consequently reducing the fogging problem that can ruin your sight seeing underwater especially if you are on a holiday of a life time.
The snorkel has a automatic plug to prevent water to come in if there is a bit of swell.
Often they come with the action camera holder so you can caption your underwater memories!

Seems like a lot of plus going on for this one ... but what are the limitations of this mask?

First of all and that is a big one for divers like us, you wont be able to dive at depth comfortably and it is kind of forbidden with this mask. The reason for it? You cannot equalize your ears and your mask, leaving you with a very uncomfortable sensation when you dive down and a potential arm to your ear drums.. not ideal.

The skirt, like any other mask, take the time to have a proper try on if you can. the full face mask skirt cover a large area of your face. It will be harder to achieve a perfect seal all around but not impossible if you pick the size that fit your face. you would be surprise how many fully grown adult need to be fitted with a small/medium.

I personally find the stripes hard to adjust quickly while in the water, most of them comes with elastic bands one which is great if you are a woman with long hair but not so goo when you would like to apply a bit more pressure on your face for the seal.

Overall, it is an interesting piece of kit that will definitely fit a the purpose of snorkeling and will find its public. If it is the first time you are going snorkeling, feeling a bit so so about it or if you want to go for a straight forward all in one solution the full face mask will be the go.

Littel extra on this special time of coronavirus lock down, another example of how usefull these can be ;)