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Find the native warrior within

Written by Remi Mathieu on July 21st, 2017.      0 comments

If you are looking for a bit of a change from your speargun. It may be the time to try a polespear.


Cost effective and manoeuvrable, hunting and fishing with a spear is one of the most ancient way to catch food, more than a fun challenge it is also relinking us with our ancestors and feeling the way humans have been hunting their food for centuries.

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Ideal buddy to get Rock fish and Cephalopods, hunting in holes will become a breeze.


Pole spear come in different head shape and technology:


Tridents (or more prongs) a really common type, it is use as a paralyser, super effective on Cephalopods.

Tahitian style that come with a single pivoting point, most of the time with a shaft, use them on fleshy fish as one penetration point won’t damage much the meat.

pole spear head-01-132


Here are 3 types that we have in stock with different technology and shape to help you make the perfect choice.


Epsealon Polespear 150 cm

Epsealon polespear-359 spear black -01-389  

This Black affordable polespear is made of a 20cm head + 130 cm pultruded fibreglass, assure that is a very light companion. Silicone mesh finish on the exterior layer for a durable result.

It is compact with is 150 cm length, comes in two sections.

The head is equipped with a 5-point stainless steel screwed on top. Easy to maintain and compatible with other standard thread head designs.

Setting up like that, the 5 prongs are super effective on Cephalopods, probably not so great on reef fish if you are not really good at aiming. Having the possibility to shorten it makes you have a lot of motion and be able to get fish in really narrow spaces or holes.

Atlantis Vertex PS1

PS1 pole spear-01-696 PS1 pole spear-01-405 PS1 pole spear-01-981

Atlantis branded, manufactured by Splash made of one piece fiberglass.

180cm fiberglass with 3 prongs stainless steel 304 grade, it is definitely made to give you a bit of extra length, 10mm thickness rubber to power it.

I would say that it is the most versatile choice we have. Long enough to cover the distance you need to reach fish around rocks, 3 prongs that will not damage so much the fish and still effective on cephalopods. The only negative is that the head is not a screw one. So if you damage it, you will have to do a bit of DIY repair or upgrade your set up.

Apart from that, it is definitely the one you would want to start with without having to break your Piggy bank.


Evolve after shock 8ft and 9ft

Evolve Polespear - Closeup-118 Evolve Aftershock Polespear-01-257  

It is in the title, this Spear is an evolution of the standard polespear. Aftershock is there to give you a second chance of penetration. By knowing that, you can understand that normal catch have no chance to get away and bigger catch are now safer to hook. Don’t be afraid to go for Kingy and Snapper with this one and tales have been told that even bigger fish have been taken with these spears.

Lots of technology in it, high standards material, aerospace stainless steel, 7075 hard anodized aluminium and T700 carbon, exclusive Carbon Steel HD 3-Prongs, USA-Made Dura-Bands.

Comes in sections to be able to adapt to the scenario you are in (reef, crevice, wrecks, etc).
Two sizes full length 9ft or 8ft long (3 sections).


Keen to start spearfishing with a Polespear? Check out our website in the pole spear section!