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Dive into the ambassadors insight

Written by Remi Mathieu on July 31st, 2017.      0 comments

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Ben Laurie has been an ambassador for Wild Blue since early 2016, a keen spearo, a great competitor and an approachable young guy. Always been next to the ocean, always been sharing moment with the blue. Water is more than a big part of his life as he said:

Being a member of the Auckland free diving club were we train in depth, static breath holding and dynamic training in the pool my preferred style of diving would have to be pushing the limits to depths in blue water (only when diving with a partner) to reach that next outer shelf or dropping kingfish. This gives a feel like I have pushed myself to find the specific fish, this way you don’t get as many dives in but each dive feels more special.

Recently I have converted my Rob Allen 120 rail gun into a MVD roller gun, I simply switched over the nozzle to a roller head with a 16mm band at 60cm and I would never go back. The accuracy is incredible targeting smaller fish in the shallows, but at the same time still has the punch to push through larger kingfish, this gun would have to be my all time overall gun to pack.

When it comes to hunting crayfish I just love snooping right up in the shallows, covering more ground at faster speeds to see those antlers flicker past in the corner of your eye is one of the best rushes. Cray’s, snapper snooping, blue water shooting, weed line hunting or even scallop searching its hard to pin point one favoured style as every day in the water gives different challenges and experiences you can’t get from just one. But in an overall nutshell you can’t beat Snapper Snooping as its one of the most common but challenging fish to tick off in New Zealand waters, It really fills the day with excitement when a moocher is landed. There’s no way to explain it like it is when you’re in the moment as there’s so many factors to consider. So what’s involved to find a likely area to snoop.

When I’m looking for a likely area to hunt either land base or boat the major thing to consider would have to be current. Current provides the base line for all fish movement. The area preferably would like to be kelpie with big shelfs/drop-offs. This provides great cover and blockage from sunrays when trying to get closer. I believe we are gifted in New Zealand for this style of hunting as its not offered everywhere in the world, the long blankets of kelp and boulders bigger than houses to creep around makes ease of seeing the fish at close range. The variety of fish sometimes determines a likely area as they work well with snapper.

I encourage that you get a hold of any our team members/ambassador’s or myself and we will assist you in the right direction for the best suited gear or knowledge for your level.’

Ben Laurie