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Hamilton's First Freediving & Spearfishing club

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Created in 2018, from a group of friendly and passionate Spearos & Freedivers, the club has grown consistently since; reaching a size big enough to be fully registered with AIDA, you will find a lot of knowledgeable people with different backgrounds to make sure you are stepping in the underwater world holding your breath safely! 

If you are interested in holding your breath longer, increasing your depth or simply knowing what you are actually doing underwater, you can access weekly training sessions, workshops and international freediving competition through them and make sure you have the adequate understanding and technique before attempting any comp or trip!

This club is also holding 2 spearfishing competitions for members only each year.

And currently home of the Female Bi-Fins depth National champion!

Official Club Facebook page: Hamilton Freediving Club - Waikato Freedivers @Dairy Divers