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Michelle Witte - Spearfishing Ambassador

three kings-909-609 Snapper shot (2)-611 Preferred Depth: 6-15 metres

Favourite Weapon: Rob Allen Sparid Railgun 100cm

Hunting Area: Bay of Plenty & Coromandel

Hunter Profile: Snooping

Specialization: Catching crayfish, missing big snapper, finding dory

Other interests: Wakeboarding and living the beach life

Since moving to Tauranga 3 years ago and living close to the sea I was introduced to spearfishing and free diving by friends and have loved it ever since!

I find diving to be soothing and relaxing and I've developed an immense fascination to understand and explore another world that lies underneath the surface of the sea that is forever and constantly changing which allows me to continue learning and growing my knowledge that I have gathered to date, and in one breath I am a part of it.

Over the last year I have focused a lot of my time in becoming better at spearfishing and in most cases would be found doing shore dives and weekend boat missions. Joining Sons of Tangeroa Spearfishing Club and meeting awesome like minded spearos I have improved immensely. I enjoy "getting the groceries" and the challenges of hunting the clever and tricky snapper, but will always change my focus to a delicious John Dory if the opportunity arises. When the selected fish species are scarce or the visibility is like swimming in soup, I enjoy a good feed of crayfish.

Future goals are to compete at NZ Nationals and to go free diving in the clear waters of the tropics.
For current updates and see what Chelle see's under the sea shore, check out @chell_witte on instagram and subscribe to MichelleWitte on Youtube for the latest videos.

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