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Meet The Wild Blue Ambassadors

Meet our Wild Blue Ambassadors! Passionate about blue water photography, spearing & competition.  

We're stoked to provide these guys with all they need to get the job done and achieve their goals - which are great and plenty. Read more about them below and keep your eye on out for their awesome adventures!
brendan website-01 Ben- website-01
Brendan WILKINSON - Scuba diving
Northlander, passionate about ocean since a very young age.
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Ben LAURIE - Spearfishing & Competition 
An addicted ‘Spearo’. Born and bred in the Far North of the North Island.
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Dan WESTERKAMP - Photography & Spearfishing

Dan can usually be found underwater with a camera or speargun in hand. 
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Michelle WITTE - Spearfishing

A passionate recent convert, Michelle shows that girls love spearfishing too.
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