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Best Value Spearfishing &
Diving Gear In New Zealand

Supplying you only the highest quality spearfishing and diving equipment for the best prices for over 16 years

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Featured Products

Salvimar One
NZ $299.00
incl GST
Wild Blue Scope Go Pro Mask
NZ $74.00
incl GST
Rob Allen Sparid Speargun
NZ $359.00
incl GST

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Sale Items

KP 330 knife
NZ $25.00
incl GST
Freediving/Spearfishing Mask
NZ $48.99
incl GST
Rob Allen Shadow 5mm
NZ $199.00
incl GST
Quest W10 previous style
NZ $155.00
incl GST

Wild Blue Spearfishing & Freediving Courses

Come join us and one of New Zealand's most experienced freedive instructors. Learn the skills and gain knowledge to safely & effectively increase your dive time through a range of streamlining, stretching, relaxation & breathing techniques and consistently bring home the seafood.


News and Articles

Wild-Blue-Website Redesign 27

The long, streamlined shape of the wahoo is dominated by its oversized sickle shaped tail.

Scorpion WB article-01-01
Spearo Anatomy

For new, and even experienced divers, the plethora of dive gear and information out there can make smart equipment choices difficult.

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The Art of Grabbing Crays

The picture of a cooked crayfish (rock lobster) on a platter, is enough to make mouths water, worldwide.

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