Floats Thumb 300A spearo's float has three main functions:

1.  To transport fish and spare kit
2.  To make a diver more visible
3.  To stop large fish

The best size for New Zealand conditions would be 10ltr.  This has more than enough lift to stop 99% of the fish we shoot here and, more importantly, enough lift to hold 10 butterfish and a kingy without sinking! 

For larger (30kg+) fish a bigger float is needed to stop them.  A float around 35lt is normal for gamefishing.

The importance of a float for visibility cannot be stressed enough especially when diving offshore.  Choose a brightly coloured one with flag. 

Sausage shapes are the best as they have the least drag and, with the addition of a lead keel, will remain upright with a flag mounted on them.  Flat ones are hopeless if you want to put a flag on them.

Foam filled floats will maintain their buoyancy even when pulled under and will eventually pop up somewhere whereas a hollow float will implode and sink.

Inflatable floats are very useful when travelling and quality ones are usually very durable.



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